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You are most welcome to join us from 10.30 every Sunday morning, currently on Zoom. Some of us remain in our own homes for the meeting.

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Want to find out more about Quakers? We recommend these 2 books especially.
Our Faith In The Future
A Word Picture
what Quakers in Britain today would like the Society to be like in the future...

Quakers are a religious organisation dating from the seventeenth century. Its roots are in Christianity but today Quakers are a broad-based group of those who believe that there is something of God (or the divine) in everyone.

Quakers strongly believe in the equality of all. We welcome people regardless of gender, colour, nationality, disability or sexuality. We make no distinction spiritually or organisationally between men and women.

More information on Quakers can be found via the Quakers in Britain website.

Luton Friends Meeting House can be found at:
28 Crawley Green Road, Luton   LU2 0QX

  Sadly due to the new Lockdown our meetings for worship are now on Zoom at 10.30 am on Sundays.  Please contact the Clerk in advance to let her know if you would like to join us, and she will be able to give you the link.

Visitors and Enquirers are always welcome.

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Luton is part of the Luton and Leighton Area Meeting, a group of 10 Quaker Meetings in and around West Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.


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