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The Rainbow

Rainbow hearts picture

The Rainbow by Jill Slee Blackadder, originally published in Quakerism, a way of life (1982)

Red said to Blue
“My Friend how can this be
you do not pray as joyfully as me?”

Blue said, replying
“Red, you tell me why
you never pray as soulfully as I?”

To Green said Yellow
“Why is it my Friend
that when you pray you never kneel or bend?”

Green said to Yellow
“Do you call that pray?
I disagree, that’s not the proper way.”

Then up came Indigo and Orange too
with different ways of praying,
old and new.

Poor Violet went quite pale,
as if afraid.
It was to all a secret how she prayed.

“Oh colours,” then said God.
“Each one of you is mine.
For how, without my light,
could you so shine.

Pray as your colour bids you
Never cease to glow.
I need your differences
They make my bow.”

(with thanks to ChristineD from Epping Meeting who shared this on the on the onlineQuakers forum)


Image by Tirzah under this creative commons licence

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