At Meeting

What is my religion? My friends, my teachers, my God. And who is my God? He speaks within me; if I mishear, my friends correct me; if I misdo, I look to Jesus Christ. How then am I taught? I hear in the silence, I ponder in solitude, and I try in the noisy crowd to practise it. What do I learn? To put gaiety before prudence, grace before pleasure, service before power. What am I commanded? To seek patience in suffering, humility in success, steadfastness always. What is forbidden me? To reject another's love, to despise another's wisdom, to blaspheme another's God. And to what purpose? To help others, that we may enter the Commonwealth of Heaven together, each to find our Being in the Whole.

Frederick Parker-Rhodes, 1977 – Quaker Faith and Practice 26.41

This passage was read out today at meeting.


Another friend expressed their appreciation of the unprogrammed silent meeting and the opportunity to grab other small moments of stillness as their occur. These moments were sometimes a much treasured escape for them. They also referenced 1 Corinthians 10:13 in relation to coping with life's challenges.

A few notices of note. A first hand report of last Thursday's Area Meeting in Milton Keynes and leaflets from Harpenden Quaker meeting in relation to their appeal for help realising their refurbishment initiatives.

There was lots of friendly chat after meeting with a shared cuppa as usual and pleasure in meeting a visiting friend whose work has limited  their ability for involvement and attendance as regularly as had been possible in past years. Much smiles.

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