At Meeting: 15th June 2014


Children Again At Meeting

A Luton Friend  stood to say it had been a long time since we had children at Meeting and how wonderful it was that Harpenden had children with them and that we hoped they woud be made to feel most welcome.

People Special To Us

A Harpenden Friend said that they had been thinking about a lot of people special to them in their life.

Had their Mum lived pasther passing in  1991 she would have been 114 now. They said they knew another special person from New Zealand Meetingwho will be 101. If you met her you’d assume she was 81 or 91 but not that she was 101.This Reminded her of attending Junior Yearly Meeting aged 14 and being struck by the writings of Ruth Fawell, much of which resonated with them.

Our Friend read Quaker Faith & Practice 26.54 which is attributed to Ruth Fawell circa 1987.

What Is Love?

Later a Luton Friend stood and said that they thought the question we ask is not is there a God but what is God?
They then read a quote from Issac Pennington from 1663, Quaker Faith & Practice 26.30

Outreach Through Love

Another Harpenden Friend stood and told us that they had recently attended the funeral of a very dear friend. Somebody who had lost their wife but a year before which meant visiting the same crematorium and house as per the previous 12 months
They told of how this recently deceased friend had failed their 11plus way back when and how their own Father was somebody that talked politics with this friend and who encouraged this same friend to get an education and make more of their talents than the sheet metal work they currently traded though this was a valuable contribution in itself.

Ruskin college enabled this further education enabled by the then trade unions. In time he did well and eventually obtained a degree and went on to become an educator via higher education.
Our Friend reflected on how both her Father and this dear departed friend had both not been church goers but that a valuable contribution is just as attainable without being involved in religion or a church per se and that these were examples of outreach through love.

Stirred Thoughts

Later still another Luton Friend spoke. She said that Friends had stirred her thoughts in a way they weren’t expecting
this morning.
They told how that their Father would be 102 if he were still alive. That he was raised in a staunch Methodist home but by convincement become a Quaker. He was a conscientius objector during the second world war and that he’d had an unquenchable thirst for education despite receiving no certificates or public recognition for this. He was involved in local politics, was twice Luton mayor and at one time was nicknamed ‘Mr Luton’.
He never had puffed up chest of pride at any of this though he took Quakerly pride in being directly involved in the building of this Luton Meeting House which opened in 1963 and was achieved via him and his own building firm team and designed by him. Our Friend ruminated on the outcome of many perhaps un-Quakerly discussions which gave the building a flat roof despite her Father’s insistance that this design option should never be.
The morning’s ministries caused our Freind to reflect on how they believed it was Shakespeare who said that men are interred with their bones but as many had mentioned this morning we do live on.


After Meeting we admired a collage made by the children in their own group during some of this Morning’s Meeting.

Notices included a reminder of a shared lunch on the 29th and after lunch we might all perhaps discuss ‘what’s on your mind?’.




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