At Meeting: 29th June 2014


Roadworks (getting right to the point here) at the bottom of Crawley Green Road meant access to the Meeting house was perhaps a challenge this week for those travelling from outside the town which is probably why our shared lunch was less well attended than expected.

During Meeting the following was read out  (by me) which is from Quaker Faith & Practice (and a very good reflection of my current perspective on things):


icon-quote-left Some among us have a clear sense of what is right and wrong – for themselves personally if not for everyone else. They have a reassuring certitude and steadiness which can serve as a reference point by which others may navigate. There are others who live in a state of uncertainty, constantly re-thinking their responses to changing circumstances, trying to hold onto what seems fundamental but impelled to reinterpret, often even unsure where lies the boundary between the fundamental and the interpretation…

Please be patient, those of you who have found a rock to stand on, with those of us who haven’t and with those of us who are not even looking for one. We live on the wave’s edge, where sea, sand and sky are all mixed up together: we are tossed head over heels in the surf, catching only occasional glimpses of any fixed horizon. Some of us stay there from choice because it is exciting and it feels like the right place to be icon-quote-right .

Philip Rack, 1979

Quaker Faith & Practice 20.06

Later a Harpenden Friend spoke on the challenges of all loving each other no matter what each other’s individual belefs. They also spoke of attending a multi faith group recently where one of the Christian leaders had spoke of how some religions asked a great deal of their followers in terms of rigidly following a creed and how it seemed to be those religions that have maintained their numbers.

They then found a passage from The Bible which they thought some might find amusing but pertinant  (Romans 14).

A Luton Friend expresssed their appreciation of the Quaker Faith & Practice passage and how it resonated with them and would do with those who struggled at times to find or maintain a firm faith.

A Luton Friend later spoke of those that were fixed on the horizon but of course find that that horizon is always receding.

Another Luton Friend spoke of being reminded of the words from a Hymn which spoke of loving the loveless.

During bridging time a Harpenden Friend spoke of travelling to Luton Meeting via the Lower Luton Road and how beautiful that was and all within a short distance of a built up urban town.

Another Harpenden Friend commented on the distant sounds during Meeting of the Christian Gospel gathering over the road and that it was a shame, they felt, that many denominations didn’t spend more time sharing an area of worship.

After Meeting we all shared lunch following a discussion on Luton’s struggle to get across its many plus points whilst being a Town that many disparaged.

Many of us also brought items to donate to LAMP and the Luton Foodbank.

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