At Meeting: 13th December 2015

Picture of flowers brought to Meeting on Dec 13 2015

A day of fine drizzly rain that gave way to an atmospheric cold fog in the afternoon and evening. Waves of fine rain rippled like a handled curtain in front if the contrast of the bold greenary of the tress that dominate the view from the library where we meet over the winter period (more light at this time of year and more sustainable to heat).

Our circle of waiting contained two ministries.

The first was a reading from Quaker Faith & Practice 27.26

This is the truth which we know and try to live … that every person is capable of response to the divine Spirit; that this Spirit, or Light, or God reaches out to each one directly and freely; that if we follow the leadings of this Spirit faithfully we are led out of sin into unity with the divine will; that this unity leads us into love of and care for all humankind, who are our kin; that what the Spirit shows us is living truth which cannot be fettered by words.

Janet Scott, 1980

Later another Friend stood to speak. They said that they felt very moved by the idea that we are moved by the spirit or drawn by the light, and pulled towards acting with love and simple truth. They felt encouraged by the seemingly good news of the agreement reached at the Paris climate talks and tackling climate change globally. They suspected that  we were at the start of the process of saving the world from catastrophic disaster.

They wanted to remember that Quakers had taken up the environmental cause over a long period and cited the Canterbury commitment and the work of Quaker United Nations and the work they do for peaceful diplomacy. They also felt they needed to explore the idea that perhaps everyone in the world could be lead by the spirit and drawn by the light towards love and truth and that perhaps that process had begun in a profound way and that the world could be saved and made anew.

After Meeting another dear Friend joined us for tea,coffee and chat and biscuits were bought in to share which we were very grateful for.

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