At Meeting: 21st February 2016

Flowers for 21st feb 2016

We’re a comparatively small group so meeting in the library in winter times to minimise heating and also promote sustainability rather than cranking up the heating in the large main room is a good move. The library is a lovely intimate room and gets more natural light in the winter time so less need to turn artificial lights on too. Today we happily filled the library with very welcome extra faces. It was lovely to see known faces from Harpenden Meeting and a new face too.

Meeting was silent except for a reading from Quaker Faith & Practice 2.36

In worship we have our neighbours to right and left, before and behind, yet the Eternal Presence is over all and beneath all. Worship does not consist in achieving a mental state of concentrated isolation from one’s fellows. But in the depth of common worship it is as if we found our separate lives were all one life, within whom we live and move and have our being.

Thomas R Kelly, 1938

After Meeting we shared chat and refreshments as usual.

The next Quaker study will be on March 1st 2016.

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