At Meeting: 20th March 2016

Dew Drops On a spider web picture

The library where we gather for Meeting has a new outlook due to the fitting of new double glazing. Charmingly our indoor ladybird contingent were still intact and exploring the new glass backyard. Light now seemed to pour into the room.

During Meeting a Friend read Quaker Faith & Practice 26.32


Perhaps more wonderful still is the way in which beauty breaks through. It breaks through not only at a few highly organised points, it breaks through almost everywhere. Even the minutest things reveal it as well as do the sublimest things, like the stars. Whatever one sees through the microscope, a bit of mould for example, is charged with beauty. Everything from a dewdrop to Mount Shasta is the bearer of beauty. And yet beauty has no function, no utility. Its value is intrinsic, not extrinsic. It is its own excuse for being. It greases no wheels, it bakes no puddings. It is a gift of sheer grace, a gratuitous largesse. It must imply behind things a Spirit that enjoys beauty for its own sake and that floods the world everywhere with it. Wherever it can break through, it does break through, and our joy in it shows that we are in some sense kindred to the giver and revealer of it.

Rufus Jones, 1920

Later we hear a brief musical contribution on melodica.

After Meeting we shared refreshments and chat.

Image by Susanne Nilsson under this creative commons licence

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