At Meeting: 19th June 2016

Flowers for 19th June 2016

The final days of spring as sunny days are interspersed with outbreaks of rain. Good for the plants. The rest of us get caught in occasional downpours.

During Meeting a Friend played the recorder with a short tune that seemed to be a variation of Morning has broken.

A Polish friend read Quaker faith & Practice 27.06

I have assumed a name today for my religious principles – Quaker-Catholicism – having direct spiritual teaching for its distinctive dogma, yet recognising the high worth of all other forms of Faith: a system, in the sense of inclusion, not exclusion; an appreciation of the universal and the various teachings of the Spirit, through the faculties given to us, or independent of them.

Caroline Fox, 1846

 Later another Friend spoke of watching a programme on TV about buying a property in the country. A person in this episode had very limited eyesight and would often say “give me a minute” as he put all the little pieces together to comprehend the whole picture.

It made them think how true this was of life, whether understanding something or picking up the pieces that had fallen. Picking them up and putting them back together and appreciating and accepting the time it takes to, perhaps make a new picture.

During bridging time another Friend was thankful for the gift of the readings ,music and ministry as well as being with us all.

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