At Meeting: 24th July 2016

Flowers for 24th July 2016

Meeting had a delayed start today due to a Member having a car accident turning into the Meeting House so there was support to be given and taken whilst the immediate matter was sorted out. Luckily nobody was injured except the metal of two cars. Of course it’s an upsetting experience that’s hard not to be affected by.

During Meeting itself a Friend read an extract from Quaker Faith & Practice 18.20

The Society of Friends might be thought of as a prism through which the Divine Light passes, to become visible in a spectrum of many colours; many more, in their richness, than words alone can express.

Later a visiting Friend contributed musically by playing a compact accordion. Often music speaks louder than words. Or at least is complimentary.

At the close of Meeting we were asked to uphold the Friend who had endured the car accident and who had left early as a result.

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