At Meeting: 4th September 2016

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An overcast but humid late summer day. The wild area behind the Meeting house has been cut back.

During Meeting a friend played a version of Scarborough Fayre on the guitar, explaining later it’s historical pedigree.

Advices & Queries 7 was read:

Be aware of the spirit of God at work in the ordinary activities and experience of your daily life. Spiritual learning continues throughout life, and often in unexpected ways. There is inspiration to be found all around us, in the natural world, in the sciences and arts, in our work and friendships, in our sorrows as well as in our joys. Are you open to new light, from whatever source it may come? Do you approach new ideas with discernment?

Later another Friend reflected on this reading. They said that for Quakers. then there was new light anywhere. Any time, any place. All times and all places were spiritual even if we may not appreciate this. Perhaps even actually sacred. They felt this was so wonderful and important.

They said, also that they had been helped in working on the October meeting for learning which will look at food and its importamnce. We express our joys and identities and how we live. Also a way of looking into the joys and sorrows with the number of long term malnourished people (including farmers) around the world and that a quarter of our own population are said to be experiencing some kind of food deprivation or unafordability.

They said the joys are many and that we could all lead better lives through better food.


A Friend later spoke about the prctice of saying grace before a meal that is still practiced by some. They felt it cultivated a sense of honouring everyone who has been involved in producing the food. And honouring the food and what it means and taking time, perhaps even cultivating slow food and a greater appreciation.

After Meeting we shared refreshments and chat and then moved on to PM, the Quaker business Meeting.


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