At Meeting: 9th October 2016

flowers for 9th October 2016

A mostly silent Meeting until a Friend spoke of prayer…

They said that over that past few weeks they had been thinking about the power of prayer. They said it was either very full on or it would appear that we get no answer.

They told of when their daughter was nineteen, she announced she was to have a baby. At the time the daughter lived in a one bedroom flat with her partner. They said that they felt the property was totally unsuitable.

Our Friend told how they had prayed on the situation. Within month the house had burned down and the daughter was placed in temporary accommodation when she was but a month off giving birth. Our Friend questioned if this was the answer to their prayers or was this just something that happened.

Our Friend then told of the birth of the child and soon after their daughter was offered a council flat in a very nice area that was a protected place with security. Their daughter remained there for eight years. And so this outcome became seen as a very positive answer to prayer.

They then spoke of  how they were reading a magazine only last night and in it was an article called ‘Brothel sues church’.The article told of an expanding brothel in America.The nearby church decided to prayer morning, noon and night (literally) for divine intervention. The brothel’s expansion work was completed but within a week the property was struck by lightening and burned to the ground.

The article said that the brothel moved to sue the Church for their prayer and divine intervention. In court the judge said it was a very interesting case where the owner of a brothel believes in divine intervention but the church and congregation denied all knowledge of it.

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