21.27A sudden concentration of attention on a rainy August morning. Clusters of bright red berries, some wrinkled, some blemished, others perfect, hanging among green leaves. The experience could not have lasted more than a few seconds, but that was a moment out of time. I was caught up in what I saw: I became a part of it: the berries, the leaves, the raindrops and I, we were all of a piece. A moment of beauty and harmony and meaning. A moment of understanding.Ralph Hetherington, 1975

Luton Quakers At Carnival of Resistance

Three Friends from Luton Meeting attended the Carnival of Resistance in London on Friday protesting at the visit of Donald Trump to the UK.  It was right that we did so.  We were struck by the diversity of groups that joined the march.  Climate change activists, anti-racists, women’s rights campaigners, political parties, faith groups…

A person that we met and walked with for a time explained that this was her first ever demonstration, but she had been moved to act, encouraged by her daughter, to take part because Trump is terrifyingly wrong on so many fronts.  She had deliberately sought out Quakers to be with because they would act peacefully and appropriately on the demo, she said.

On Saturday at the Quaker Meeting House in Harpenden there was an inspiring talk for the United Nations Association by Tobi Wellner from Quaker Peace and Social Witness – about brave and talented activists for social justice, in East Africa, especially in communities in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya.  Their work, based in non-violence, is difficult and sometimes very dangerous.  They operate according to the Seven Principles of the Quaker programme Turning the Tide, three of which are:

  • Being willing to take action for justice without giving into or mimicking violence
  • Respecting and caring for everyone involved in a conflict, including our opponent
  • Believing that everyone is capable of change and no-one has a monopoly of the truth.

Tens of thousands of people had come together in London to make a powerful statement to the most powerful person in the world.  Many of the slogans on the placards and banners rejected Trump utterly or were personally abusive.

“Build bridges not walls”, and the frequent “Love trumps Hate” if read as much more than a play on the name, were two that might be in tune with the thought that Donald Trump too is capable of change.  And that the tide of the world can be turned.


Quaker Colin from Luton Meeting

Welcome to our new caretakers

We are pleased to welcome Charlie Dicker and Caroline Sargent as our new caretakers. They have been appointed following several months of being without a caretaker. A big thanks to all our friends who pulled together to keep the meeting house functioning and worked so hard during this interim period.

our new caretakers photo
Charlie and Caroline are based at Gale Cottage, 30 Crawley Green Road, LU2 0QX, just in front of the meeting house.

They can be contacted on 01582 520560.

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