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The Music Of Our Meeting

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A confession: we have have music in some of our meetings for worship when certain Friends are moved to minister either in singing or through instrumental music.  It as accepted – welcomed-  as a moving, spiritual contribution.  And George Fox addressed Quakers at a time of great persecution in these terms: “Sing and rejoice ye children of the day and the light…”


Several Friends who come to Luton Meeting attended an all-day workshop of music-making today at Watford Meeting with the title Song and Silence.  In the afternoon, we learned various chants used by the Taizé community in France a religious community dedicated to inter-faith understanding and peace and reconciliation. “All humanity forms a single family and God lives within every human being without exception,”  writes Brother Alois in a Letter from Kolkata.


The brilliant Woodbrooke tutor, Mark Russ, who led us in the music, showed us how repetitive meditative chants can be a startlingly intense release into deep spiritual awareness that grows in the following silence.


Image by Jesse Kruger under this creative commons licence

Our Meeting House

We thought we’d share part of a document that looks at some of the history and use of our local Meting house.

Making Us More Equal

The Quaker testimony to equality impels us to learn more about the growing levels of inequality in our country, and to take urgent action where we can. Luton and Leighton Area Meeting held a conference in February 2015 at Watford Meeting House where, through talks and workshop discussions, we learnt more about the growing separation between the tiny band of people who are able to amass and keep vast wealth and the rest, who are being left further and further behind. As the General Election approaches we will be asking politicians to show what they will do to halt and reverse the increase in inequality in the UK.

A longer version of this video can be watched here
And a shorter edited version here

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